Work Samples

Examples of Innovations, Presentations, and Teaching Examples

Innovative Services

Timeline Exhibit

History of Digital Collection Development



For Bethel Colleagues


For Academic Librarian Colleagues

More presentations

Teaching and Workshops

Timeline Exhibit

Omeka Exhibit

Instruction Session: Omeka Assignment in Modern Europe

Digital Library Data in Data Mining Class

Data Mining Papers

Students analyzed data from the Clarion collection and discovered Bethel’s mascot change in 1952

Workshop to Teach Library Colleagues Web Encoding

March 20, 2013

Old Timeline Tutorials


Part One: Creating Google Spreadsheet

Part Two: Creating the Header of the Webpage

Part Three: Creating the Body of the Webpage

Workshop Demo Files

[Note: The workshop on August 19, 2014 is over and the Sample spreadsheet is no longer open for editing.]

Workshop Outline: Simile Timeline Workshop

Sample Spreadsheet File: Digital Library Timeline Spreadsheet

Public Webpage: Digital Library Timeline HTML page

Timeline Tools

Simile Exhibit and Timeline






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