Using WordPress layered over library Websites

From one of my classmates:

<> In perusing library blogs, I happened upon that of Laura Crossett, a librarian at the Park County Library System in Wyoming.

In her post on Wednesday, May 2, 2007:


she blogged about using WordPress to create a new, improved version of their longtime, outdated website. With the help of other blogging librarians, she re-did their library site, changing this:
To this:

It was a stunning change on a shoestring budget. Using WordPress and CSS, she created an open source site, with the inherent flexibility therein, including tagged and tabbed information, a frequently updated RSS feed of news, and multimedia information about the library. She is currently doing usability testing on the new site, and is impressing her supervisors, as well as their visiting sales reps from Thomson Gale.

In this case, open source allowed a library with a constrained budget to innovate. In fact, no extra money for employee time or computer technology was required. Nevertheless, her simple, easy-to-use interface surpasses the navigability of many other sites, including those of better funded libraries.

It is also interesting to note that fellow blogging librarians played a key role in creating this. In this case, a grassroots effort, fundamentally aided by 2.0 technology, helped overcome lacking funds.