Thing 28: Customized Home Pages

I love Netvibes! Its flexibility and appealing integration of widgets, Web pages, and RSS feeds makes it one of the most useful tools I have encountered. Last week, I created an iGoogle page and was not really impressed. Long before that I had played with the idea of creating a Netvibes account but never took that final step.  The comparison of iGoogle and Netvibes finally pushed me over the edge towards Netvibes and I am thrilled.

Personally, it is a great way to easily display my favorite feeds and Web pages. I just finished organizing some of my favorite feeds and widgets into my account. The ability to create multiple tabs is a feature I really enjoy and it is easier to read than my Bloglines account.

Professionally, Michael Stephens’ post about Creating a Librarian’s Info-portal with Netvibes is very helpful in conceptualizing how Netvibes can be set up as a personalized service for your users.

Another user of Netvibes that I would like to emulate is Michael Wesch.  He is a tech-savvy professor of Cultural Anthropology at Kansas State University and his account is called Mediated Cultures: Digital Ethnography.

YouTube Copyright Blowup

Here Comes Another Bubble by an a capella group called the Richter Scales is a recent viral video hit on YouTube.   The use of a photograph from photographer, Lane Hartwell, caused her to request a DCMA takedown of the video because they did not credit her with the use of one of her photographs.  This has set up a fascinating debate regarding Fair Use in blogs of various communities, including content creators and free information use advocates.