Thing 27: Twitter



This is my most recent Tweet:

Bah! Still working on twitter entry on 23 things. I’m hopeful that I will get it done tonight.

Even though I’ve had a Twitter account for a while I haven’t done much with it, which was exceedingly clear when I read all the things that can be done with it.  Using the Twitter Search service and the @[enter person’s ID here] was a great tip.  I even found a tweet directed at me from a friend that I had missed a month ago.

There are so many services that build on Twitter’s platform to provide rich functionality.  I didn’t use Twitter much until I began to use the social bookmarking site called Diigo.  It is like Delicious but has added features including a box that you can click which will send the item you’ve bookmarked to your Twitter account too.  Very cool.

I use Twitter as another holding space for cool links I find.  Libraries can use it this way too.  It is also really useful as an outreach device for new services, events and featured items. Llibraries could also collect other relevant Twitter accounts for their users.  I found that the Minneapolis/St Paul Business Journal has a Twitter account to send out news updates which could be very useful to Business professors and students.


Thing 26: Joining Ning

Ning logo

Ning logo

I didn’t do the first round so this is my first time using Ning. I have seen it used by others before but never joined one until now.

It is a great tool if a large community is using it for communication and collaboration. If the group is too small then it loses its usefulness but for larger groups, like this cohort of 23 Thingers, the 23 Things Ning, is a great resource.

I could envision using this for our College as a faculty-library community to support liaison activities. People can communicate and share resources from anywhere. I like the flexibility to share photos, videos, and form discussion groups based on any member’s interest.

Thing 25: Blogger's Toolkit

This step was worth it for the link to 20 Usability Tips for Your Blog alone.  I would have left the Archives widget in because it came with the theme I chose as a default but this post helped me to think that topics are much more important than date in a blog like this.  It saved me from wasting valuable space.

Feedburner was another one of the 20 tips I acted on because I have seen the bloggers that I read use it and I wondered what  benefits it provided.  I learned that it is really helpful to track your subscriptions and also helps you to more easily distribute your content. I don’t expect this blog to have a large readership but I do want to experiment with this tool.

One of the reasons that I chose WordPress as a blog platform was because it already has SnapShots embedded.  It saves your users time because they can preview a link before they commit to loading the full page.

The photo and audio features are also useful.  I have used many of the photo items before but I hadn’t used PicApp. Since I am in Minnesota, I found a hockey image to get into the spirit.

The audio tools would be nice but my webcam went on the fritz and I have no way of recording my voice.  Alas.

Thing 24: Refreshing Blog

It is a pleasure to begin this new learning journey.  Earlier entries reveal my minimal efforts to follow a previous 23 things program and I am glad to enter this one with a new resolve.

My last theme was one I really liked so it was hard to switch.  After wrestling with my inertia, I decided to take this as an opportunity for a fresh start. The new theme has a crisper look and allowed me to add a custom banner.  I wanted to keep the two column look becuase it is both simple and appealing.

I had never taken the time to create an avatar and it was fun to play with Image Chef.  Ultimately, I decided to upload a head shot and smile out to my readers.

Kent's head

Kent's head

I look forward to learning with you all.

Learning 2.0 – Thing 1,2 and 3

I have already played with most of the 23 things that Helene Blowers set up in her initial version of Learning 2.0.   However I would like to take myself through the program formally so that I can document my learning.  Since I am working in Maryland, I am going to follow the 23 Things set up by the Maryland Libraries Learning 2.0 blog.  Once I finish, I would like to set up a program for my library.

I worked through Thing 1 to familiarize myself with the structure of the program specific to MLL2.0 and saw the tutorial on lifelong learning for Thing 2.  The existence of this blog completes the requirement for Thing 3.