Thing 30: More Ways to Use RSS and Delicious

Playing with Delicious and RSS feeds was really fun!  I have used Bloglines for several years as my feed reader but them I explored Netvibes and fell in love.   The way that it displays feeds is much easier to read for me and it can incorporate more than just RSS.  These new tools will make it even more powerful.

For example, The RSS filtering tools were also very helpful in narrowing a feed so that it is most relevant to the reader.  I used FilterMyRSS to restrict a feed from general science to biology and inserted it into a Netvibes box for the Biology Department

The RSS to email applications are very helpful as well.  The Net Generation may not use email much anymore but everyone else does.  This is a way to help everyone benefit from the convenience and flexibility of RSS even if they do not want to use a reader like Google Reader or Bloglines.  I used FeedMyInbox to send an email to myself about any items that were tagged Web2.0 in delicious.

My delicious link roll should be visible to the right under the title New Web Finds.


Library 2.0 Speakers – Health Science oriented

This posting from MEDLIB compiles the repsonses to the question about who are good speakers to invite for a talk about Library 2.0 in a Health Science setting. Here are the results: 

Mon, 17 Dec 2007 17:40:58 -0600

From: “Janz, Marie” <Marie.Janz@MINISTRYHEALTH.ORG>

Subject: SUMMARY: Library 2.0 speakers

Hello All – here is the summary of recommended speakers. My most sincere THANK YOU to all who sent recommendations.

1. I’ve heard two very good speakers on Library 2.0, although they were not specifically about medical/health care libraries. Michael Stephens is LIS Faculty at Dominican University in suburban Chicago. Here’s his blog: We just had him last month at our Hawaii Library Association Annual Conference, and he was quite good.

Michael Porter from OCLC is very entertaining, but he might be more geared to public libraries. Here is his blog:, and the course I took from him:

2. Michael Stephens and Steven Cohen are the library 2.0 gurus. Also, the folks at the Ebling library in Madison might be willing to present. Their site is excellent.

3. David Rothman –

4. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned either of these presenters yet. I took the CE class “Geeks Bearing Gifts” at MLA this year. It was an excellent introduction to Web 2.0. The presenters (Dale Prince & Bryan Vogh) are very knowledgeable. They packed a lot of info into an 8 hr class, but they made it fun & easy to understand. This is the CE class info from NN/LM if you’re interested.

5. Brian Vogh from NN/NLM Region 3 or MLA? spoke at Midwest Chapter MLA on Library 2.0 in 2006.

6. I attended a Library 2.0 seminar in Columbus last summer. Two of the speakers I particularly enjoyed were Brian Mathews (Georgia Institute of Technology) and Chad Boeninger (Ohio University). Matthews is somewhat of an expert on social networking; his presentation style is very engaging! Boeninger has had extensive experience creating wikis for the OU libraries. Here is the complete speaker list from that seminar:

7. Sharon Dennis, who is the technology guru for the MidContinental region as is an excellent resource. She is knowledgeable and has presented several times at conferences I’ve attended.

8. Tom Liesegang did a thoughtful editorial in Ophthalmology on this topic; he also is a leader in consideration of open access issues.

Thank you – Marie =============================== Marie Janz, M.L.S. Learning Resource Manager Ministry Education and Development 900 Illinois Avenue Stevens Point, WI 54481 Phone: 715-346-5090 Fax: 715-343-3246 email: