Ideas on What to do with Access

The database is the backbone of how we store information in digital society.  The primary key is why we need Unique identification for the storage of information, especially in storage of complex information. (National Health Information Infratstructure).

After this class here are some ideas on how to use what I learned:

  • Database of email addresses for everyone in Pratt (Save time – instead of having to go to vine and use two different docs, can search for a person’s name)
  • Update Betsy’s program database
    • put it in a form that can go on the Web
  • Create and update bilingual books database
  • (Long-term) Put Selma’s notecards into a searchable database.  (Function -Extended cataloging of Children’s Books with more Subjects)
  • Organize the digital objects that Pratt is creating. (Camtasia videos, etc.)
    • Help with applications (short tutorials) – Training Library
  • Import information on the Web that can make a database.
    • Tutoring or School database?

Intermediate Access Class – Day 2

Way to link different tables

  • Foreign Key – primary key in another table that links to another table
  • Must have a field that match the other table.
  • Must have same data type – text, number

Setting Relationships

  • Click on Relationships button and it shows all the related boxes.
  • Shows one to many (ex. one student can take many classes)

Importing Files

  • XML – take in items from Web
    • need to tell what delimiters[how to separate data] are
  • from Excel

 Exporting Files

  • into Word (use Office Links button)

Mail Merge (I-14)

  • Microsoft Office Links button > Merge into Word document > Link with existing letter or Create new letter
  • Follow steps in task pane to the right

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Intermediate Access Class

Next class with Cyndi Caravello – First class with Access discussed how to build tables.  Also discussed what queries, forms and reports are and built some of these in the end.

*Cyndi suggests that we form an Access help team because she received many requests for help when she was here.

Start with Intermediate – more queries. 

Useful ApplicationNotes: 

  • Using queries to update a database.  When you change it in the query and the original table has only one entry, it will change the original and all in the query.
  • Creating queries with AND or OR criteria.  (We did an example of employees who passed Access and Excel classes)
  •  Properties function (finger icon) allows you to format and constrain the expression of formulas and values such as dollar amounts and decimal places. (page F-11)
  • Remember when using the sigma (creates Total row).  First item on left will be grouped first (must have items with multiple listings to be effective). Can choose the same table item twice and group it differently.
  •  Crosstab Queries (F-14) – Could use to see who has taken classes from each branch.
    • Create Excel-type tables by determining the Row heading, column heading and Data field values.  (Click on New button, choose Crosstab Field wizard)

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