Thing 30: More Ways to Use RSS and Delicious

Playing with Delicious and RSS feeds was really fun!  I have used Bloglines for several years as my feed reader but them I explored Netvibes and fell in love.   The way that it displays feeds is much easier to read for me and it can incorporate more than just RSS.  These new tools will make it even more powerful.

For example, The RSS filtering tools were also very helpful in narrowing a feed so that it is most relevant to the reader.  I used FilterMyRSS to restrict a feed from general science to biology and inserted it into a Netvibes box for the Biology Department

The RSS to email applications are very helpful as well.  The Net Generation may not use email much anymore but everyone else does.  This is a way to help everyone benefit from the convenience and flexibility of RSS even if they do not want to use a reader like Google Reader or Bloglines.  I used FeedMyInbox to send an email to myself about any items that were tagged Web2.0 in delicious.

My delicious link roll should be visible to the right under the title New Web Finds.


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