Thing 29: Google Tools


The first tool I investigated is Google Alerts. It will certainly be helpful in many ways both personally and for my library.  A well-formed search can be a great current awareness service for faculty.  I am using it for professional development to follow the Kansas State professor Michael Wesch because I think he is doing really interesting stuff and this is a way to catch some things that may not appear on his own blog.


As it so happens, I have already started using Google Sites as a virtual space for my consortium’s cataloging group.  They wanted an easy way to update the cataloging manual without having to go through a Website administrator.  We investigated PBWiki and Google Sites and are going to recommend Google Sites next week. One major factor is that it is integrated with other Google tools.  A drawback is that it does not currently provide an easy feature to back up your data by downloading a file of everything on the site like PBwiki does. Here is the discussion forum on the topic of a backup option.


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