Thing 25: Blogger's Toolkit

This step was worth it for the link to 20 Usability Tips for Your Blog alone.  I would have left the Archives widget in because it came with the theme I chose as a default but this post helped me to think that topics are much more important than date in a blog like this.  It saved me from wasting valuable space.

Feedburner was another one of the 20 tips I acted on because I have seen the bloggers that I read use it and I wondered what  benefits it provided.  I learned that it is really helpful to track your subscriptions and also helps you to more easily distribute your content. I don’t expect this blog to have a large readership but I do want to experiment with this tool.

One of the reasons that I chose WordPress as a blog platform was because it already has SnapShots embedded.  It saves your users time because they can preview a link before they commit to loading the full page.

The photo and audio features are also useful.  I have used many of the photo items before but I hadn’t used PicApp. Since I am in Minnesota, I found a hockey image to get into the spirit.

The audio tools would be nice but my webcam went on the fritz and I have no way of recording my voice.  Alas.


2 thoughts on “Thing 25: Blogger's Toolkit

  1. Ah, so that’s what SnapShots is for. My impression of it hasn’t been all that positive: I’d be reading a WordPress blog and then suddenly–bang! and a pop-up window would do just that, startling me and being a major distraction. (Yes, I’m learning to leave my hand off the mouse when reading WordPress blogs). But I see that if I were choosing to use it instead of being “attacked” by it, that it could be useful.

  2. Hi Elizabeth,

    I can see your point that it could be an annoying feature if you are not interested in previewing the link. I deal with that particular problem by paying special attention to the position of my cursor while reading and avoiding any contact unless I really want to see where the link leads.

    Thanks for the comment.


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