Intermediate Access Class – Day 2

Way to link different tables

  • Foreign Key – primary key in another table that links to another table
  • Must have a field that match the other table.
  • Must have same data type – text, number

Setting Relationships

  • Click on Relationships button and it shows all the related boxes.
  • Shows one to many (ex. one student can take many classes)

Importing Files

  • XML – take in items from Web
    • need to tell what delimiters[how to separate data] are
  • from Excel

 Exporting Files

  • into Word (use Office Links button)

Mail Merge (I-14)

  • Microsoft Office Links button > Merge into Word document > Link with existing letter or Create new letter
  • Follow steps in task pane to the right

(Unit J)

Access can create pages but they are of limited use.  Other products are more appropriate for larger databases. 

How to create pages for the Web

  • Access calls them Data Access Pages

Control+apostrophe is the key to repeat an entry in an Access Table


Creating Advanced Queries

  • Top Values – button in toolbar
    • Will show the top 5,10, etc. values in a query for chosen field
  • Parameter
    • Brings up a window that asks for a name and then displays table based on that name
  • In Query properties box, Recordset Type:
    • Snapshot will lockout typing changes, while Dynaset allows typing changes.
  • Make-Table Query (End condition – where you take out expired records and put in new table)
    • Add whole table to query
    • Add a new field that you are going to send the old records to.
    • In criteria field, right click and choose Zoom box.  Can type ranges in natural language
    • When done modifying query, do NOT save or it will keep making tables.
    • Will find new table in the Table options menu
  • Delete Query
    • Add whole field
    • Add extra field that want to query 
    • Choose limits in criteria in extra field
    • Go up to toolbar and choose delete query
    • It is sent to table menu – Know which field you were changing and this will be the name of the table
    • Remember – DO NOT save when you close the query

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