Ideas on What to do with Access

The database is the backbone of how we store information in digital society.  The primary key is why we need Unique identification for the storage of information, especially in storage of complex information. (National Health Information Infratstructure).

After this class here are some ideas on how to use what I learned:

  • Database of email addresses for everyone in Pratt (Save time – instead of having to go to vine and use two different docs, can search for a person’s name)
  • Update Betsy’s program database
    • put it in a form that can go on the Web
  • Create and update bilingual books database
  • (Long-term) Put Selma’s notecards into a searchable database.  (Function -Extended cataloging of Children’s Books with more Subjects)
  • Organize the digital objects that Pratt is creating. (Camtasia videos, etc.)
    • Help with applications (short tutorials) – Training Library
  • Import information on the Web that can make a database.
    • Tutoring or School database?

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