Intermediate Access Class

Next class with Cyndi Caravello – First class with Access discussed how to build tables.  Also discussed what queries, forms and reports are and built some of these in the end.

*Cyndi suggests that we form an Access help team because she received many requests for help when she was here.

Start with Intermediate – more queries. 

Useful ApplicationNotes: 

  • Using queries to update a database.  When you change it in the query and the original table has only one entry, it will change the original and all in the query.
  • Creating queries with AND or OR criteria.  (We did an example of employees who passed Access and Excel classes)
  •  Properties function (finger icon) allows you to format and constrain the expression of formulas and values such as dollar amounts and decimal places. (page F-11)
  • Remember when using the sigma (creates Total row).  First item on left will be grouped first (must have items with multiple listings to be effective). Can choose the same table item twice and group it differently.
  •  Crosstab Queries (F-14) – Could use to see who has taken classes from each branch.
    • Create Excel-type tables by determining the Row heading, column heading and Data field values.  (Click on New button, choose Crosstab Field wizard)

Crosstab fields are great ways to create Pivot charts (charts that are changeable by loaded criteria)



  • Properties box is not available in 2007 (or harder to find at least)
  • Connecting a Form and Subform
  • Query changes do NOT automatically update Forms
  • In Command button, remember that Form operation affects whole form while Record operation is restricted to that one record.
  • Learned Combo Box (drop-down menu) and List Box (all values displayed)

Importing Files

  • Make sure first row is column headings in Excel


  • To Draw a straight line:
    • Choose Line tool in Toolbox
    • Move to beginning of line
    • Hold down shift key while drawing

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